HEMPER - Dab Cleaning Kit

Product Description

Say hello to our Dab Cleaning Bundle, the ultimate cleaning kit for your dabbing needs.

This bundle brings together the Klear - Kryptonite Cleaner in a handy 2oz size, packing a powerful punch to banish grime and residue. For that quick and easy clean-up, we've got the Hemper Alcohol Freshwipes Bucket - just pull, wipe, and toss! Our Hemper Snapcap Alcohol Swabs are perfect for precision cleaning, reaching every nook and cranny of your gear. And let's not forget the Hemper Cotton Buds, 200ct, your best buds for maintaining a pristine setup for pure, unadulterated flavors.

Grab our Dab Cleaning Bundle and keep your gear sparkling clean!

$20 Value!

What's Included: 

(1) Klear - Kryptonite Cleaner 2oz
(1) Hemper Tech Alcohol Freshwipes Bucket
Hemper Snapcap Alcohol Swabs
(1) Hemper Cotton Buds 200ct