HEMPER - Rolling Bundle

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Product Description

Roll up the fun with our Rolling Bundle, the perfect package for anyone looking to enhance their roll-your-own game! We've loaded this bundle with all your rolling must-haves.

Start with the Anodized Aluminum Herb Grinder, featuring a convenient 4-piece, 2.2" design to prep your herbs just right. The Party Rolling Tray, in its large size, gives you all the space you need to master your roll-up. Next up, we've included OCB - King Size Premium Rolling Papers to ensure a smooth, even burn with every use. And don't overlook the Cannaflage Silicone Ashtray - a funky and durable solution for your ash needs. To keep things tidy, we've added Perforated Filter Tips (50ct), helping you craft the perfect joint every time. And lastly, the classic Clipper is here to spark up your session.

Grab our Rolling Bundle today and roll into good times

$65 Value!

What's Included: 

Anodized Aluminum Herb Grinder | 4 Piece 2.2" Size
Party Rolling Tray Large
OCB - King Size Premium Rolling Papers
Cannaflage Silicone Ashtray
(1) Perforated Filter Tips (50ct)
(1) Clipper Lighter