HEMPER - Snowglobe XL Bong Box

Hemper Snowglobe XL Bong Box

Ring the holiday season with the enchanting Snow Globe XL Bong, a larger version of our festive masterpiece that brings holiday joy to your smoking experience. Shaped like a classic snow globe, this dome shaped piece encapsulates a charming snowman adorned with a top hat. The extra large showerhead percolator inside creates a mesmerizing snowfall effect as you draw in the holiday cheer. Elevate your festivities with this unique and delightful piece that captures the spirit of winter in every session.

Every Hemper XL Box comes with a hand-picked assortment of popular accessories, papers, cones, and wraps. Perfect for trying new items, stocking up on essentials, or sharing with friends.

  • Assorted Snowglobe XL Bong
  • Assorted Snowman Carb Cap
  • X 2 14 mm Male Quartz 45º Banger
  • X 5 Assorted Hemper Quick Hitters
  • Assorted Clipper Lighter
  • OCB Virgin Pre-Rolled Cones
  • Hemper Perforated Filter Tips (50ct)
  • HEMPER Tech Snapcap Alcohol Swabs
  • Assorted Twisted Hemp Wraps
  • Assorted Candy Cane Dab Tool
  • EZ Splitz Cigar
  • Assorted Juicy Jay's
  • Christmas Tree Glass Carb Cap
  • Assorted HEMPER Asher - "New Money" Silicone Ashtray