Indacloud - Pineapple Funta Delta 9 THC Gummies

Product Description

Grab them before your next bad day to make sure you can turn it into a good one. Watch out these are potent with 20 mg of THC in each gummy so if you’re new only start with half (please!).

It’s finally here, through cutting edge technology we are able to provide true Delta 9 gummies. Like all of our incredible products these are federally legal as they are hemp derived. These dispensary grade THC gummies will provide you with an exceptionally pure and strong high. With 10 gummies and 200 mg of D9 THC in each bag you’ll experience quality unmatched by the world’s top dispensaries. This Funta Series is a play on our favorite soda! Enjoy three incredible popular soda flavors that are identical to their sweet beverage counterparts, Orange, Strawberry, and Grape!


  • Strain: Sativa
  • Amount of Delta 9: 200 mg
  • Size: 10 gummies per bag X 20 mg per gummy
  • Quality: All products are multi-stage lab tested before