Trojan Horse - Delta 9 Live Resin Orange Cream Gummies | 30MG

Product Description

Crafted for both new and seasoned consumers, these gummies deliver a potent 30mg of Delta-9 THC, encapsulating the unique essence of the cannabis plant with a soothing blend of creamy orange.

Each gummy is precisely scored into 10 smaller pieces for versatile dosing and controlled potency, offering a low 3mg per serving to cater to your comfort level. Embrace the tropical warmth in every delicious bite of our high-quality, Live Resin gummies and redefine your cannabis journey!


  • 10CT of gummies
  • Per gummy : Delta 9 THC - 3MG
  • Indulge in the creamy citrus richness of our Orange Cream flavor
  • Harnesses the entire profile of the cannabis plant using Live Resin.