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How to Pack Weed Cones for the Perfect Sesh

by Admin Reporting 4 min read

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Going back to the earliest days of cannabis culture, joints are one of the most common and beloved ways to smoke weed. But for rookie stoners (and even some seasoned stoners too), the actual practice of rolling a joint can be either an inconvenience or an obstacle to enjoying the perfect sesh.

Instead of going through the frustration of ripping papers and packing flimsy joints that fall apart, many opt to simply pack a weed cone instead. With a cone, you can skip many of the headaches that come with manually rolling joints and instead save time and effort and go straight into smoking your favorite strain.

Today, we’ll be discussing what a weed cone is, some reasons to use a cone, and a step-by-step guide on how to pack the perfect weed cone.

What is a Weed Cone and Why Use One?

Simply put, a weed cone is a partially pre-rolled joint that has been fit into the shape of a cone. This allows for it to easily be packed and smoked without anyone having to physically roll the joint.

Many people that aren’t proficient joint rollers prefer using cones because they are already almost completely assembled and don't need to be rolled from scratch like blunt or joint papers. Even though they don’t require any physical rolling, weed cones hit similarly to joints and are about the same size. Having said that, they usually allow you to pack a bit more flower and do so more evenly.

Weed cones are also incredibly easy to smoke, and most have a filter tip that allows you to smoke the full cone without leaving any small amounts of flower behind as you get with roaches when using a blunt or joint. Let’s be honest: most stoners do not enjoy dealing with roaches at the end of a sesh.

Finally, weed cones are affordable and can easily be bought in bulk at good prices. This means that for a minimal cost, you can keep rolling them again and again as long as you have enough flower to pack them.

Packing a Weed Cone in 5 Simple Steps

Step 1: Grind Your Flower

Before packing your weed cone, it’s important to make sure that all of your weed is ground. This helps to ensure a denser pack and that the weed burns evenly throughout to give you the maximum effect from the cone. To grind your weed, simply place it in the top compartment of a quality grinder and twist the top until the ground herb falls down into the lower compartment.

Want to keep your flower fresh and also always have a grinder on hand? Get a Hemper Keeper to store your flower in a discreet container with a built-in grinder so you can always be ready to pack a cone.

Step 2: Fill Your Cone

Once your weed is ground up nicely and finely, it’s time to actually pack your cone. Start by gently holding the cone by the filter (not too hard, or you’ll crush it), then place the ground-up weed into the opening on the other end.

If you don’t want to use your fingers to fill the cone, you can try using tweezers or a similar tool that can hold the weed. Again, be careful when handling the cone, as the paper could rip if you’re too aggressive.

Are you finding that some flower is falling out as you’re trying to pack it? Keep a rolling tray handy to catch any falling pieces so you can repack them as you go.

Step 3: Pack The Cone

In order to get a clean smoke and avoid “canoeing” (the joint burning unevenly and falling apart), you’ll have to pack the weed into the cone so it fits tightly. Many cones come with a packing tool, but if not, you can use a slim object like a plastic straw or drink stirrer.

To pack the weed down, gently stick the packing tool into the cone to push the weed further into the cone. Don’t push too hard, or else you’ll risk ripping. It might be easier to alternate between filling and packing so that you can maximize the amount of weed inside the cone.

Step 4: Twist The Ends

Before you get to smoking the cone, finish it off by tightly twisting the open end where you filled it from. Remember, once you twist the cone, there’s no turning back, so make sure it is filled and packed to the level you desire.

Step 5: Smoke The Joint

Once you’ve finished filling, packing, and twisting the cone, it should form a tight, cylindrical shape without much slack. From there, grab your favorite lighter and start your sesh.

If you’re new to smoking joints, start by taking small hits and inhaling slowly to avoid any coughing fits. Finally, exhale the smoke and enjoy!

Get High-Quality Weed Cones From Hemper

If you’re looking for an easy and efficient way to smoke joints, take a look at the pre-rolled weed cones we have at Hemper. You won’t find a greater variety of extensively curated tobacco-free options to complete your next sesh with the convenience of never having to go through the hassle of manually rolling a joint again.

Get started today by checking out our full range of rolling cones or reach out anytime for more information.

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