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Can You Freeze a Bong?

by Angel Ferrer 3 min read

Can You Freeze a Bong?

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as taking a cool, refreshing hit from your favorite bong after a long day. That’s until the smoke gets too hot, burning your throat and lungs and causing a nasty coughing fit.

We all hate the harshness that can come with big bong rips, but what can you do to prevent that all-too-familiar burn from ruining the sesh?

Since cooling the bong makes the smoke less harsh, some who seek relief from the heat of bong smoke may consider freezing their bongs to create a cooler environment for the smoke to travel. It sounds like it works in theory, but is it always a wise idea in practice?

In this guide, we'll explore whether or not you should freeze a bong and how to go about doing so without causing any damage to your beloved pieces.

Can You Freeze a Standard Glass Bong?

The short answer? Well, unfortunately it's not as simple as yes or no.

Technically, the glass could be frozen, but it is not recommended to stick your entire glass bong into the freezer. That’s because sudden temperature changes can easily cause severe damage to the glass. Placing a glass bong in a freezer could weaken it, or cause it to crack and even shatter. And the last thing anyone wants to deal with is sweeping up the broken pieces of your favorite bong.

Placing a bong in the freezer is even more dangerous if water is in the bong. In this case, the water can expand when it freezes, which causes the glass to break. Even if the glass doesn’t break, the frozen water could cause blockages in the bong, affecting its functionality and making it significantly harder to smoke out of.

As an alternative solution, some people may choose to put ice cubes in their bongs before filling it with water as a way of cooling down the smoke. While ice cubes can certainly work, they're not a long-lasting or consistent solution to hot bong smoke. Having said that, if you’re working with a bong that’s not designed to be frozen, ice cubes are a safer bet than actually freezing the bong itself.

How Should You Freeze a Glass Bong?

As we said, it is not recommended that you stick your standard glass bong into the freezer. Luckily, there are glass bongs out there that are designed to be freezable. If you’re going to freeze your bong, make sure to use one of those.

Many bongs are not entirely freezable, but contain components that can be removed and frozen. These pieces use a freezing agent that does not harden in low temperatures. This way, you can stick certain pieces from your bong into the freezer so that they’re nice and cool for the session.

Whenever you're ready to smoke, just remove the pieces from the freezer and place them back into the bong. This results in a long-lasting coldness that can keep your bong cool throughout the entire sesh. In turn, this significantly reduces your chance of having a prolonged coughing fit or harshness in your throat and lungs after taking a big rip.

Benefits of Using a Freezable Bong

If you buy a bong with materials that are specifically designed to be frozen, there are a number of benefits that you’ll discover.

The first of which is that your hits will all be cooler, meaning that you’re not going to have to deal with burning hot bong smoke. This allows you to comfortably take bigger rips without having to worry about bursting out in a nasty coughing fit and hurting your lungs and throat.

On a similar note, when you’re not inhaling harsh, hot smoke, you’ll have a reduced risk of developing throat and respiratory irritations.

Finally, using a freezable bong means that there’s no risk of damage when you freeze it as opposed to standard glass bongs. This is because the cold parts are filled with a substance that does not expand in cold temperatures, meaning that they aren’t going to crack or shatter when frozen.

Get Freezable Bongs for Your Next Sesh

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