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The Complete List of Every Type of Bong, Shape, and Material

by Angel Ferrer 12 min read

every type of bong

When it comes to bongs there are dozens of unique shapes and designs. The options are endless, from scientific to utilitarian, to custom-blown glass designs with intricate fumed colors.

With so many different shapes and types of bongs to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when shopping for a starter bong especially with all the detachable bong parts. In this guide, we go over every bong design in 2024 and the pros and cons of each. If you’re new to water pipes, check out our in-depth guide on what a bong is and the science behind how they work.

What does a bong look like?


what does a bong look like


A bong resembles a vertical, cylindrical shape often made from glass, silicone, ceramic, or metal. It features a wide, conical base that holds water and tapers up into a straight or slightly angled neck, ending in a mouthpiece.

Near the base, a side arm extends outwards, holding a removable bowl where dry cannabis is placed. The bowl connects to the water chamber at the bottom via a percolator, which is submerged in the water to filter and cool the smoke through bubbles.

Did you know? A bong’s filtration system is what many consider to make bongs a healthier alternative over dry pipes and rolling papers.


Beaker Bong

what is a beaker bong


Beaker bongs are a budget-friendly classic with a wide, stable base that prevents tipping. Their large water chamber enhances filtration and cooling, making them a reliable and affordable choice.

The iconic beaker shape we’ve all come to know as a “bong” resembles the Erlenmeyer Flask. Beaker bongs are usually equipped with a diffuser downstem, which is the most basic form of filtration. You can find upgraded models with ice pinches or more powerful filtration such as a circ perc to increase the smoothness of the bong rip.


  • Stability: fewer spills and accidents
  • Budget-friendly (most basic model)


  • Filtration: Usually has stock percolator
  • Can have moderately harsher rips



Straight Tube Bong

what is a cylinder bong


Straight tube bongs are sleek and simple, offering quick, intense hits with their cylindrical design. Easy to handle, store, and clean, they’re perfect for those who want efficiency and affordability.

A straight tube bong is modeled after the Graduated cylinder and because of their cylinder shape, they offer very little water storage which also means less cooling and filtration. If you are looking for more powerful filtration, get a multi-chamber straight tube that usually features multiple levels of diffusion in the neck of the bong.


  • Very easy bong to clean
  • Fast and strong bong rip


  • Small water chamber means harsher hits
  • Tube design can tip over easily



Bubble Bong

what is a bubble bong


Bubble bongs feature a round water chamber at the base, enhancing stability and reducing spill risks. Their spherical design allows for even, 360° filtration, leading to smoother hits at an affordable cost.

Also known as a Round base bong, the shape is modeled after the classic Round Bottom Flask, commonly found in Pyrex lab equipment. The globe-style chamber can either have a straight neck positioned vertically to the water chamber or slightly angled for better positioning when lighting.


  • Sturdy base to reduce spills
  • Globe water chamber offers 360° filtration


  • Usually only offers one form of filtration
  • Bong rips can be harsher


Novelty Bong

what is a novelty bong


Novelty bongs blend art with function, shaped like your favorite characters, animals, or even desserts. Equipped with any type of percolation, their true value is in aesthetics and personal expression.

While most classic bongs tend to look like laboratory equipment, novelty bongs are the bongs you want to show off to friends. Anything from horror bongs, cute bongs, or gummy bear bongs, there is a perfect water pipe to match your mood and style. 


  • Eye-catching designs that express individuality.
  • Doubles as a decorative piece.


  • Functionality may be compromised by design.
  • Can be difficult to clean and maintain.



Mini Bong

what is a mini bong


Mini bongs are 4-6 inches tall and ideal for discretion and portability. Compact and cost-effective, they’re great for personal use. Despite their size, they deliver quick, sharp rips with flavorful and potent hits.

While bong rips tend to be a bit harsher with smaller bongs, they can also be equipped with double percolation such as honeycomb disc percs, to compensate for the lack of size and help with additional cooling and filtration.


  • Highly portable and space-saving
  • Preserves flavonoids and terpenes


  • Smaller hits compared to larger bongs.
  • More frequent cleaning is needed due to resin buildup.



Vase Bong

what is a vase bong


Vase bongs blend elegance with functionality mimicking a flower vase. Available in translucent styles or with intricate opaque designs, they double as stylish interior decor while offering full bong functionality.

If you don’t want to hide your bong when guests arrive, then a Vase bong is perfect for you. Many of these bongs come with faux flowers, so you simply pour out the bong water and slide the fake flowers in and this bong will hide in plain sight!


  • Aesthetic design doubles as home decor.
  • Can hide your bong in plain site


  • Opaque models don’t allow you to see water levels.
  • Often pricier due to decorative elements.



Modular Bong

what is a modular bong


Modular bongs feature interchangeable parts, allowing you to customize features from percolation to ice chambers by unscrewing the neck. This allows you to tailor your smoking experience to your preferences, anytime.

Detachable bongs are perfect for saving space and sharing. Instead of cluttering your house with multiple bongs, just get one modular bong with different neck attachments. The versatility also makes it great for a household with shared roommates.


  • Fine-tune your filtration and cooling needs
  • Very easy to clean


  • Initial setup can be more complex and costly.
  • More components mean more maintenance.


Gravity Bong

what is a gravity bong


Gravity bongs use water and air pressure for an intense smoking experience. Whether homemade or professionally built, they force dense smoke into the lungs for potent hits. They are best for experienced users.

G-bongs typically look like a large bong cut in half. As you light the flower and pull the upper chamber towards you, the water pressurizes and fills the chamber with smoke. These bongs are perfect for anyone with a higher tolerance looking for a stronger hit.


  • Strongest bong rips possible
  • Saves money by maximizing your flower’s potential


  • Not recommended for beginners
  • Small learning curve in using



Ceramic Bong

what is a ceramic bong


Ceramic bongs, dating back thousands of years, are crafted from glazed clay for a clean smoking experience. Often handmade, they come in unique shapes and sizes, featuring beautiful designs and vibrant colors.

Ceramic water pipes can be handmade using a pottery wheel or poured into pre-designed molds. They are safe to smoke out of as long as a lead-free glaze is used. Porous clay should be avoided as resin and bacteria can collect slowly.


  • Beautiful home-made designs
  • Made from all-natural materials


  • Avoid non-glazed ceramic pipes
  • Cannot see the water chamber



Honeycomb Bong

what is a honeycomb bong


Honeycomb bongs have perforated discs with many small holes, creating thousands of microbubbles for maximum diffusion and cooling. This design ensures a smooth, well-filtered hit with every rip.

The simple design of the honeycomb percolator allows for bongs to be equipped with multiple honeycombs, for amplified diffusion. The only downside is the tiny holes can get clogged with resin, so it’s recommended to change your bong water after each use.


  • Excellent filtration for smoother hits.
  • Consistent performance with less drag.


  • Resin can clog the tiny holes
  • Often more expensive



UFO Matrix Bong

what is a ufo matrix bong


UFO matrix bongs feature a UFO percolator in a secondary chamber for an additional round of filtration. Smoke is first filtered in the main chamber, then passes through the Matrix perc for a second, intense filtration, delivering a smooth and clean bong rip.

Considered the holy grail of diffusion and cooling, UFO matrix bongs typically come with a heftier price tag due to having two water reservoirs and two percolators. Matrix percs also have dozens of holes and slits which can get clogged over time by resin, so you’ll want to stay up to date with cleaning your bong.


  • Superior cooling and filtration.
  • Two water chambers and two percs


  • More difficult to clean and maintain.
  • Pricier due to intricate construction.



Tree Perc Bong

what is a tree perc bong


Tree Perc bongs feature a tree percolator which is a bulbous glass with multiple downward-facing tubes. Each tube has 1-4 slits that create thousands of bubbles, enhancing diffusion for a smooth, well-filtered bong rip.

If you are looking for a bong that can tone down the harshest of bong rips, a Tree percolator bong is a must-have. Due to the premium filtration, they are generally more expensive so if you plan on making the investment make sure the bong is made from high-quality borosilicate glass as the “tree limbs” are fairly delicate.


  • Excellent filtration for cleaner smoke
  • Cools down smoke for smoother bong rips


  • Complex structures can be difficult to clean.
  • Generally more expensive due to detailed design.

Inline Bong

what is a inline bong


Inline bongs feature a horizontal tube with 4-10 downward-facing slits submerged in the water chamber. As you inhale, smoke is forced through these slits, diffusing and cooling it efficiently while preventing splashback.

An Inline bong is a reliable enhancement from the basic diffuser downstem. The percolator is sturdy and doesn't clog easily, however, there can be a slight drag on the pull because the diffusion forces the smoke to go down to the floor of the bong before traveling up to the mouthpiece.


  • Affordable and efficient smoke diffusion
  • Easier to clean


  • Drag when inhaling
  • Less balanced filtration



Cup bongs

what is a cup bong


Cup bongs are shaped like a cup making them familiar and very easy to handle. These bongs are great for sharing and passing and their design also allows some to be disguised as real cups, perfect for stealthy or public smoking.

While cup bongs do have a decent-sized water chamber, they do lack in height which can result in harsher bong rips. The compact size, however, does allow you to store these bongs in cabinets helping to save space.


  • Easy to handle and pass around
  • Stable and saves space


  • Shorter height delivers harsher rips
  • Smaller water chambers



Matrix Bong

what is a matrix bong


Matrix bongs feature a cylindrical percolator dotted with dozens of small holes and slits, creating thousands of microbubbles. This design enhances filtration and cooling, delivering much gentler bong rips. However, matrix percs are premium features and can cost more.

A Matrix bong usually houses one Matrix perc as the primary filter in the water chamber, but you can also see two Matrix percs, in what’s called a “Stereo Matrix Perc Bong”. The Matrix perc shoots the smoke in a 360-degree fashion, creating a very well-balanced diffusion resulting in a very smooth rip.


  • Powerful smoke filtration for a smoother experience.
  • Diffusion cleans and filters smoke


  • Complex structure can make it harder to clean.
  • Matrix Percs cost more


Electric Bong

what is an electric bong


Laser bongs are three-chambered, electric water pipes using lasers or vaporizers as the heat source. They feature a ceramic bowl for combustion without butane of fire, delivering smooth and powerful rips in vapor form.

The most popular laser bong on the market is the Hitoki Trident and the most reliable electric vaporizer bong is the Volcano. Electric bongs are great because you can fine-tune precise temperatures, but the price tag is often much more than a typical glass water pipe.


  • Precise and consistent heat controls
  • Cleaner: No smoke only vapor


  • Very expensive
  • Ceramic bowls can get dirty very quickly



Ice Bong

what is an ice bong


Ice bongs come with notches in the neck of the bong called an “ice pinch”. This allows you to drop ice cubes in the neck of the bong, so when smoke passes through the neck it cools the smoke delivering a much smoother and cooler bong rip.

Ice pinch bongs are perfect if you struggle with coughing from harsh rips. They offer a cost-effective alternative to pricier percolators found in more premium bongs. However, when the ice melts it can raise the water level, causing splashback, so it’s best to change the water once the ice melts.


  • Affordable solution to harsh bong rips
  • Smoother and gentler rips


  • Melted ice will raise the bong water height
  • Must change bong water after ice melts



Large Bong

what is an XL bong


Large bongs, usually over 10” tall, feature spacious water chambers for enhanced diffusion and can accommodate larger bong rips due to the increased smoke capacity. The taller height allows smoke more time to cool which results in much smoother bong rips.

XL bongs usually feature larger bowls and can deliver small or larger bong rips while cooling it significantly. They are generally much heavier and need a dedicated space to store and are usually much more expensive than standard-sized water pipes.


  • Large volume for huge bong rips
  • Height and filtration contribute to much smoother rips


  • Difficult to hide or store so it needs a dedicated space
  • Can cost 2-3 times more than a typical water pipe



Glycerin Bong

what is a glycerin bong


Glycerin bongs force hot smoke to travel through winding coils surrounded by non-toxic frozen glycerin. This cools the smoke by up to 300 degrees delivering an ultra-smooth bong rip that prevents coughing.

Freezable bongs not only use freeze tech to cool smoke but the winding coils also extend the travel time of the smoke which also helps to additionally reduce smoke temperatures. If you struggle with coughing from bong rips then glycerin bongs are the tried and true solution. The only downside is you have to refreeze the glycerin coils after every use.


  • Prevents coughing from bong rips
  • Ultra smooth ‘air-like’ bong rips


  • More expensive than traditional water pipes
  • Must re-freeze the detachable glycerin compartment



Recycler Bong

what is a recycler bong


Recycler bongs, or recyclers, are named after their unique recirculating function. Instead of delivering smoke directly to you, the smoke is looped in the water chamber to provide an ultra-filtered and smooth bong rip.

Recyclers usually have an external tube that connects from the base of the water chamber. Smoke will recirculate through this tube as many times as you want until you pull the bowl from the downstem. While they do deliver exceptionally smooth bong rips, they also prevent any stale smoke build-up as well.

Learn:How does a recycler bong work


  • Enhanced filtration and cooling for ultra-smooth hits.
  • Rich flavors: no stale or lingering smoke.


  • Cleaning can be a challenge with the external tubes.
  • Generally more expensive due to intricate designs.



Bubbler Bong

what is a bubbler bong


Bubbler bongs blend the portability of a hand pipe with the water filtration of a bong. Their compact design saves space and is ideal for personal use, though they provide only minimal cooling and filtration when compared to a bong.

Bubblers usually feature an inverted bowl similar to a weed pipe, and can either have a downstem or a bulbous water base for minor filtration. The smoke filters in the small water chamber, but still delivers a relatively harsh hit due to its size. The downside to bubblers is they do require regular maintenance as resin and tar begin to build in the water chamber.


  • Portable and easy to handle.
  • Great for personal use and affordable


  • Harsher hits
  • Can get dirty very fast



Multichambered Bong

what is a multichambered bong


Multi-chamber bongs have multiple levels separated by different filtration chambers. Some multi-chamber bongs even include separate water reservoirs in each chamber. The added level of filtration delivers very smooth and well-filtered bong rips.

Multi-level water pipes are essentially large bongs with multiple levels of percolation, making them perfect for extra-large bong rips. While they do deliver a top-of-the-line experience, they are often pricier, heavier, and can be difficult to clean.


  • Superior filtration and cooling from multiple chambers.
  • Produces very smooth and pure hits.


  • More parts to clean and maintain.
  • Typically larger and more expensive than simpler designs.



Steel Bong

what is a steel bong


Steel bongs are made from durable stainless steel and often include an aluminum diffuser and a borosilicate glass bowl. Models with insulated ceramic interiors help keep water cool for much smoother hits.

The primary benefit stainless steel bongs have over classic glass bongs is they are nearly indestructible. This makes metal bongs perfect for anyone who struggles with accidents and accidental tip-overs, making them a water pipe that will truly stand the test of time.


  • Extremely durable and resistant to damage.
  • Cooler surface level and retains water temperatures


  • Heavier and more expensive than glass
  • Can’t see bong water levels



Silicone Bong

what is a silicone bong


Silicone bongs are all about convenience and durability. Made from food-grade silicone, they are flexible, nearly indestructible, and easy to clean. They are perfect for travel, and outdoor use, and are extremely affordable.

Silicone bongs can be made from two types of silicone: platinum-cured or tin. Tin silicone is much cheaper and over time can shrink and tear, whereas platinum silicone is much more durable. Silicone bongs also do not house any anti-microbial bacteria making the bong water in rubber bongs much cleaner.


  • Indestructible and affordable
  • Best travel bong for outdoors


  • Can have a slight odor when smoking
  • Tin silicone shrinks and tears



Hybrid Bong

what is a hybrid bong


Hybrid bongs are a combination of both silicone and glass which offers the best of both worlds: durability and a clean smoking experience. Hybrid water pipes are great for those who appreciate beautiful aesthetics with added toughness.

Hybrid bongs are the easiest water pipes to clean because the silicone portion can be detached which allows for fine detailing of the water chamber and percolator.


  • Combines durability with the clean taste of glass.
  • Often features innovative designs.


  • Can be pricier than single-material bongs.
  • Silicone water chambers can have a slight taste



Acrylic Bong

what is a acrylic bong


Acrylic bongs are made from plastic and are a budget-friendly choice for many who are new to cannabis. They are lightweight and usually come in a bubble or straight tube style. While they get the job done the experience and taste might not match the purity of glass.

Due to the plastic material, Acrylic is less heat resistant compared to borosilicate glass which has a much higher thermal expansion range. When it comes to quality plastic bongs are the cheapest of all the types of bongs.


  • Affordable and widely available.
  • Accident proof (no glass)


  • Can retain odors and impact flavor over time.
  • Less heat resistant

Which Bong Shape Should I Choose?

The art of bong-making has grown from barely functional instruments crafted from plastic bottles and household items to beautiful pieces of art with amazing innovations. In fact, many people even go so far as to give their bong a name - why not?

When it comes to choosing the right bong shape, it all comes down to personal preference. If you want clean filtration or smoother hits then look for a taller bong with powerful filtration and premium percolators. If you are trying to save space then pick a micro or modular bong.

If you care less about function and more about aesthetics then novelty and vase bongs are a great option. For more powerful hits choose a Gravity bong and if you want to keep it simple then opt for a beaker or bubble bong. In the end, all the different types of bongs do one thing well: they filter and smooth smoke so you can take larger and more powerful bong rips.