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Keep Your Smoke Cool Every Time with the KRYO Line

by Hemper Co 4 min read

Keep Your Smoke Cool Every Time with the KRYO Line

Nothing beats a refreshing hit of smooth, cold smoke when you’re enjoying your favorite strain. Unfortunately, many existing options leave you with a short-term cooling effect that doesn’t last. 

As many know, freezing bong water will cause the water to expand and potentially crack the glassware. Then, you’re left with no options. 

Sure, could put ice cubes in your standard bong. However, as you introduce heat into the mix, they melt in less time than you’re likely going to spend smoking. Only the first hit or two will provide you with that cooling effect you desire. 

Instead, the new KRYO line merges premium, freezable glassware infused with Kryogel - a natural gel that is completely freezable to help cool down the smoke on its way out. There’s no voodoo or weird science involved, just tastier smoke that keeps it impossibly cold and smooth on the inhale. 

If you haven’t tried a freezable bong, bubbler, pipe, or rig for yourself, we have you covered. Today, we’re going to do a deep dive on how the KRYO system works and how you can easily chill your piece for the next time you’re ready to smoke. 

First, let’s explore Kryogel in action: 

How KRYO Keeps it Cool 

Unlike water, Kryogel has a much lower freezing point and will not expand at standard freezer temperatures. The glycerin-infused components of your bong can be placed in a freezer without any risk of cracking or breaking when handled properly. 

The organic glycerin used in KRYO pieces is completely safe to use. It is a non-toxic substance that the FDA approves for use in foods, but it also has the added benefit of freezing fast and remaining cooler for longer without expanding as water does. 

We use Kryogel to create bongs that feature a multi-part cooling system to maintain cold smoke for smoother hits throughout its entire journey from the bowl to the mouthpiece. Depending on the size of your piece, it could have as many as four separate cooling components! 

Why Use a Freezable Piece? 

While we definitely love traditional glassware, some people do not vibe well with the hot smoke. If you’re someone that’s prone to coughing fits, you might grow tired of trying every which way to just enjoy a high.

A freezable piece cools the smoke in transit from the bowl to the mouthpiece. This erases any and all of that burning feel that might upset your throat or esophagus. 

Colder smoke also results in a more rich and flavorful taste. If you’re someone that’s into the finer aspects of cannabis consumption, you can taste more of the individual terpenes in your favorite strain and add new dimensions to the experience that aren’t possible with heated smoke. 

That’s why the KRYO range was designed: better smoke and better flavor. It’s that simple. 

A Quick Rundown of the KRYO Line 

We didn’t just want to do one type of freezable piece. If you love smoking out of a gigantic recycler rig, a classic beaker bong, or a small bubble pipe - we have something for everyone’s preferences. 

Dab Rigs 

If you love dabbing, you have to try taking a hit from a freezable rig. We went with a Klein-style recycler because the visuals of the traveling smoke and the taste that it produces are simply too good. 

Each hit from theKRYO Recycler Rig goes through multiple cooling points, even when the vapor is recycled. The smoke remains constantly cooled so that you can enjoy a tastier hit every time. 

Bongs and Bubblers 

From the classicbeaker bong to anXL showerhead bong and anupright bubbler, you’re covered. The standard-sized KRYO bongs and bubblers feature a three-part cooling system, while the XL Showerhead Bong cools your smoke 4 times! 

After freezing, just fill your piece of choice with water and use it like you normally would. There’s no steep learning curve - just a better smoking experience. 

Dry Pipes 

Love dry pipes, but hate when too strong of a hit sends you into a coughing fit? If you’re sensitive to smoking dry pieces, a freezable version will change your mind for good. 

We know that pipes are heavily subject to personal preference and everyone prefers their own shapes and styles. To cover all of your bases, you can try a traditionalbubble pipe or get fancy withthe Sherlock Pipe

How to Freeze Your KRYO Pieces 

Whether you’re smoking out of a bubbler or an XL-sized bong, freezing your pieces is a relatively quick and easy process. Here are three quick steps to cooler, smoother hits every time: 

First, remove the KRYO’s freezable parts from the glassware. You can easily tell them apart by their blue color. 

Once you’ve removed them, make sure they are dry before putting them in the freezer. For best results, freeze them for an hour or longer before smoking. 

Finally, remove them from the freezer, insert them back into the glassware, fill them with water if using a water pipe, and start packing your bowl! 

Chill Out with Your Own KRYO Piece 

If you’re vibing with the idea of cooler, smoother, and tastier smoke, pick up a piece from the KRYO line today. You’ll never find a better combination of premium glass and organic glycerin to create a better experience. 

To learn more, browse thefull KRYO range or contact us if you have any questions. 

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