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Linx Ember Vape Pen Reviewed

by Albert Jurado 4 min read

Linx Ember Vape Pen Reviewed

Everything You Should Know About the Latest Linx Ember Kit

Vaping is the “new smoking”, with traditional smokers of herb and concentrates quickly jumping ship for this arguably healthier, and certainly more potent and flavorful mode of enjoying a “smoke”. 

This spike in popularity, fueled in large part by legalization and decriminalization of herb across the US and Canada has been a catalyst driving innovation and new products within the industry.

One such vaping device is the Linx Ember Kit.

True, it’s a 510-threaded vaping pen like hundreds of others. But this set up is exceptionally well made for the price. And it comes from Linx, the guys behind the Linx Hypnos Zero, which is arguably one of the best vaping pens in the market. 

That automatically sets expectations high. But is the Linx Ember Kit able to live up to these lofty expectations? What can Linx offer at a budget price with the Ember? 

Linx Ember Kit Review

An Overview

The Linx Ember is a wee-sized vaping pen that’s perfect for discreet sessions on-the-go. At just 4.4” and weighing in at a feeble 28 grams, you can easily sneak it into your pocket without it looking awkward like some bulky vaping pens do. 

The Ember is crafted almost entirely from medical grade stainless steel with a matte silver finish. Looks sleek and stylish. The only part that isn’t steel is the see-through glass window that allows you to watch the cannabis or concentrate being vaporized. That’s more than a vanity feature though. It also reveals whether there’s any remnants of the wax on the coil or whether it’s time for a quick refill. 

Dismantling the pen is a cinch. You’d be done with a refill and cleaning in no time. Also, it’s 510-threaded. So you’ll be able to use a wide variety of cartridges with this. 

The kit contains the Linx Ember vaping pen and a USB charger. Surprisingly, the dab tool is missing and you’d have to buy one separate from Amazon.

Not a biggie. But why offer it as a Vaping kit if it doesn’t include everything you need to get started? Learn more about why you should use a dab pen.

How to use the Linx Ember

Using the Linx Ember is pretty straight forward:

  • Charge the battery for 1-2 hours. 
  • Remove the mouthpiece. You should be able to see the coil.
  • Use a dabbing tool to grab the wax and place it on the coil. 
  • Screw the mouthpiece back on. 
  • Power on the pen with five clicks in quick succession. Five clicks might sound cumbersome but it’s a foolproof way of preventing the pen from accidentally firing off in your pocket. 
  • Toggle through the voltage settings by using three quick clicks and select the appropriate setting that you seek. You can select from 3.3, 3.8, and 4.2v, which is excellent for a budget-priced vaping pen. 
  • Once you select the right temperature, double click the button to activate the heating element for 12-seconds. 
  • Inhale. 

The Linx Ember is designed to be used with thicker concentrates like wax, budder and shatter. If you use any concentrate that’s too runny or less viscous, then you will find that the device leaks, particularly if you tilt it after use. If you got a vape as a gift, learn what to do with it.

Build Quality

One of the best parts about the Ember is that Linx does not cut corners with the build quality. Be it the stainless steel casing or the Titanium single coil, everything feels premium. The pen has a nice feel and weight to it as well. And to top it off, it looks sleek. 

The only possible gripe that we have with it, is that it tends to get scratched. But that’s not a deal breaker for us, especially because it ticks all the other boxes that we usually look for. 

The atomizer and vape quality

The Ember features a recessed atomizer which is set deeper into the casing as compared to conventional vaping pens. 

This increases the vaping path and allows the vapor to cool down a bit before it hits your lungs. 

Also, it has a longer draw resistance and a single titanium coil wrapped quartz rod which keeps the flavor mild consistently. 

Perfect for novice users who hate hot and harsh vapor.  

Having said that, the recessed design does make it a little more difficult to access for loading the dab as well as for cleaning it. 

But that’s a small niggle that most users would be willing to overlook. 

The Battery

The 350 mAh battery on the Ember is enough for all-day sessions. If you use it only once or twice a day for therapeutic benefits, the battery will easily last for days. 

The pen is pretty power efficient and you will rarely find the need for a mid-sesh recharge. 

Linx Ember Kit Pros

  • Lightweight and compact vaping pen from Linx
  • Weighs just 28 grams and measures 4.4 inches only
  • Medical grade stainless steel casing
  • See-through glass window that lets you see the dab being vaporized
  • Three temperature settings to choose from
  • 510-thread compatible allowing you to use a wide range of prefilled cartridges with it
  • Single titanium coil wrapped quartz rod
  • Recessed atomizer that cools the vapor
  • Mild flavor
  • 350 mAh battery with USB charger
  • Carrying case included
  • Linx Ember Kit Cons

  • No dabbing tool in the kit
  • Recessed design makes the coil a little difficult to clean
  • Tends to get scratched
  • Not ideal for seasoned users looking for strong hits
  • Final Thoughts about the Linx Ember Kit

    The Linx Ember kit is a great pick for beginners looking for a budget vaping pen without too many tradeoffs. It is well-built, reasonably priced and offers decent vape quality. If you're looking for a dry herb vape pen, read our guide.

    Seasoned users might find the hits a little mild for their liking. But there’s no reason why this cannot be a good backup pen for emergency situations when your main smoking apparatus malfunctions.